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Many women suffer from the problem of cellulite making them look ugly. This reduces their self-worth and most of them get into depression when they find their bodies getting out of their control. There are plastic and cosmetic surgeries available in the market for them to opt for. However, most of them are surgical and this instills fright in them!

Meet the experts of a clinic that cares

Sono Bello is a clinic that ensures you remove cellulite from your body in a safe and effective manner. The experts here are trained and certified to ensure that the highest standards of care and procedure are embraced so that cellulite is removed effectively from your body in a safe and effective manner. This Clinic is one of the most popular and trusted centers in the USA for the removal of cellulite.

 Welcome to safe cellulite removal in the form of VelaShape

When it comes to VelaShape, this procedure is approved by the FDA and it is a body contouring procedure that involves no surgery. The procedure deploys the “elos technology” to tone and shape the body. This technology uses bi-polar radio frequency, infrared light energy, vacuum and mechanical massage. Both the infrared light and the RF energy heats and stimulates the deepest layers of the tissue while the skin is smoothed with the vacuum rollers. With the aid of VelaShape the metabolism of the energy stored in the body is increased and its shaping treatment shrinks and reduces the size of the fat chambers and cells.

VelaShape gives you a non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery and liposuction. Women who suffer from cellulite can opt for VelaShape as an alternative to Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy. The procedure is completely safe and has no side effects. There is no involvement of drugs. It helps you to shape the abdomen, love handles, thighs and buttocks.

Regain lost self-worth and confidence

Many women have benefited with the aid of VelaShape and they say that it has helped them in a large manner to regain the lost confidence and self-worth they missed. At the same time, they have also praised the caring nature of the doctors and the staff that have been friendly and concerned about their well-being as much as they have been themselves.

VelaShape has gained popularity across the USA and Sono Bello has some of the best doctors that you will be proud to associate yourself with. When it comes to costs and pricing of the procedure, you do not have to worry at all. The Clinic here has flexible financial options that you can opt for in case you cannot afford the one-time down payment. You can speak with the professionals here that will brief you on these plans and help you in a large manner to get the best out of them. Moreover, another unique feature of this Clinic is that you can opt for any of the convenient fly-in locations that Clinic has across the USA. Getting rid of cellulite for you has never been easier thanks to this esteemed and renowned clinic in the USA!

Post Author: Lisa Sharon