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According to the American Pregnancy Association, it has shown that there are about 13% of pregnant women in the United States that do not have health insurance during their pregnancy. In fact, there are many insurance providers in the market that provide affordable prenatal care for pregnant ladies. Let’s take a look at some common types of plans available for public.

One of the most popular programs is Medicaid. It is a federally funded program that offers medical coverage for low income pregnant women. If you are currently pregnant and don’t have any medical insurance, you may obtain more information about this program through your local health department. The most important thing is to find out your eligibility for this plan.

In the situation where you do not qualify for the government health programs, there are other solutions for you. You can look for discounted health programs which are offered by private providers. These private health plans can help you to save money on your medical bills, especially during pregnancy. For example, one program offered by Maternity Advantage offers great discounts up to 60% off of the cost of your medical care during the period of your pregnancy.

On the other hand, you may also get yourself short term disability insurance where you will get a certain percentage of your salary when you are unable to work during pregnancy due to specific health reasons.

In short, each of the medical plans for pregnant women is different in terms of premiums, benefits and total savings. Make sure you do thorough comparisons on different plans in order to find one that really suits your needs and budget.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon