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With the growing age, skin begins to lax, face diminishes with less collagen production and appearance of wrinkles. There are many treatments available but if you want an instant treatment to tighten the skin then ultrasound skin tightening treatment is the best solution. In fact, no needles, no knives and no lasers but the treatment can instantly tighten the skin. Ultherapy is the procedure of using ultrasound energy to tighten loose skin around the eyebrows, on the neck, under the chin. For more details about the treatment check

How Ultherapy Works?

Skin tightening of deep structural skin fibers is based on Ultrasound technology. This stimulates the growth of collagen. With the age, collagen loses its elasticity and ability to hold the facial skin as compared to the younger age. Ultrasound process boosts by reversing the effects of skin aging and helps in strengthening the skin structure again. Ultherapy results in fiber contraction and tightening. When collagen fibers are heated, it contracts and results in the tightening of the skin. Heating results in growth and activation and multiplication of collagen. This in turn, tightens the skin with a smooth appearance.

Results of Ultherapy

In the single session of treatment, it lifts and tightens the sagging skin, slim down facial and body contours, improves elasticity and firmness of skin and provides back the strength of looking young and natural.

Uses of Ultherapy

Neck, Upper face (eye brows, crow’s feet, under-eyes), Vertical lip lines (smoker’s lines, lipstick lines), Lower face (jawline, jowl), Chest.

Benefits of Ultherapy

Non-Invasive- Earlier the sagging can be corrected by using the surgical procedure which is often scary and takes a lot of time for recovery. But Ultherapy is noninvasive treatment approved by FDA which means no blood, no knife and anesthesia treatment. Treatment takes few hours to tighten the loose skin.

Fast- Ultherapy takes 30- 60 minutes without the downtime and you can resume your daily activities after the treatment. It acts fast and you will able to see the changes right after the treatment. Collagen is multiplied after the treatment and you can see the results withing three months.

Natural Look- Facelift if not done with the proper precaution and the right treatment can result in horrible look. But with Ultherapy, there is less risk associated with the treatment and the results are subtle and natural, as skin gets tighten slowly with the time. Also, you don’t have to worry about the scars after the session.

Customizable- Earlier the treatment was approved for tightening the loose skin under the chin and eyebrows and around the neck. But now FDA approved it to treat the wrinkles as well. It can also be combined with other noninvasive treatment such as Botox or for the facial rejuvenation.

Ultherapy isn’t for everyone and depends on the amount of laxity. But people ages from 35 to 55 can be benefited most and can see the improvements in the appearance. So tighten up your loose skin with the Ultherapy, the best solution to get the natural and youthful appearance.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon