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Radiology has already proved its worth in the field of medical health care industry, and no longer does it keeps struggling for its position. Hence the entire world has decided to celebrate the International Day of Radiology with the aim of building greater awareness of the value of Radiology in providing safe patient care, and improving the concept that people holds about the Radiologists. For the radiologists, this not only stands as the image of importance but also provides the data which leads to appropriate diagnosis of the patients.

Reporting and analytics are now just equally important than the image itself because it provides the necessary data that leads to an appropriate diagnosis of the patients. The lesion management is one of the key components of such a data because it ultimately offers comparisons between localization, measurements, and follow-up data. The only goal behind this entire process is to eliminate the inaccuracies in diagnoses, which has till dates resulted in the disasters of the medical industry and enhances the ability of the radiologist and face all the odds with ease.

Since all the respective medical fields have had their specializations, experts like Apparao Mukkamala even claim that Radiology must have its own sub-specialization. He has even taken into account several factors that are strong enough in behalf of the claims he makes.

  • There’s no denying the fact that Radiology has grown complex every passing day, and hence, no single man can maintain the level of expertise completely. Standing in the current day scenario, most of the experts in the industry insist that all the radiologists become at least minimally competent in the entire field, but it stands next to impossible for a Radiologist to have competence in all the areas of specialty. However, there are several training programs in interventional radiology which are provided in order to enhance the depth of knowledge and learn the new techniques.
  • Another positive fact, which has actually turned out to be challenging for the Radiologists is the rapid improvement in technology that the entire field has seen in last one decade. Be it the temporal resolution or the spatial one, the complications of these software packages have reached to the paramount level, and hence interpreting the non-vascular imaging has only got tougher. It has almost been beyond the reach of an individual to evaluate each and every imaging with expertise.
  • Even the secondary and tertiary-based clinicians have long abandoned the concept of being a generalist and tried to focus more on particular systems or disease-related areas. As and when the imaging of diseases have started to become ever more complex, the clinical conditions keep being unaltered, in spite of the advancing ability of clinical specialists to treat each of these conditions.

Hence, Apparao Mukkamala believes that in spite of mankind being the most gifted being, it is not possible to carry out all in one. If the sub-specialization of the subject can be done, Radiology can move a long way forward towards giving a healthier world.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon