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Nowadays individuals have many troubles regarding foot because of many reasons it may be arthritis, pain, tumors, skin problem, etc. It can occur in any part of the arch, foot sole, heel, toes. It is very significant that you choose the best way to alleviate your pain. Some podiatrists may suggest you take medication, surgery.

In most severe instances there is the only option for your pain, which is surgery. According to Dr. Steve Silvers who is a podiatrist, pain in the foot also takes place because of wearing wrong size shoes. Shoes, which are loose or tight, can come with a problem to your feet. Athletes and any person doing physical activity generally have pain in the foot. They require much more to take care of their feet. Some individuals have pain in feet due to their long growth of toes. That is why there is the only surgical procedure of this problem. You won’t need to stay in a hospital after this surgery.

The surgery of foot is known as podiatric surgery and is associated structure. It can be carried in hospitals or trust and clinics. The treatment of joints, bones, tissues disorders is done. There are many kinds of foot surgery like hallux valgus, bunion surgery, plantar corns, neuromas etc. After a big frenzied surgery, it becomes very hard for you to walk easily. So for this, you need diverse types of shoes or uneven shoe or an odd one. A return to shoe has often been delayed by swelling, pain or problem in walking because of the bone’s volatility. After 2-3weeks patients are eager to wear shoes, so they need different or comfortable shoes.

These days shoes are made especially for patients. After surgery, most podiatric recommends splints, walking casts, wooden shoes or special shoes. But the special shoe is suggested for 8 to 12 weeks after surgery. Still for few more weeks of fractional weight bearing in the boot or the special shoe to keep tissues and bones get healed. If special kinds of shoes are not used then the situation gets worse by swelling.

Plantar fasciitis surgery is the operation of feet. Doctors like Steve Silvers suggests it when there is inflammation and severe pain in feet to go for surgery. The patients go for operation only when the pain continues for more than ten months and relentlessly affects the patients walking and athletics activity. After then, patients feel respite. The surgery takes barely one hour to complete. In surgery, the swollen tissue is removed from the heel bone by making an incision inside the heel. After the surgery, it takes nine months to be normal. orthotic inserts and stretching exercises are a common treatment. The Odd one or specially designed shoes are available for feet surgery or plantar fasciitis surgery patients. People may buy high cushioned with flexible and soft midsole shoes. A bunion is another disease of feet. This takes place when bones of your toes shifts. This is caused by shoe, which does not fit. It may necessitate surgery after some time. You require an odd shoe with large toes box.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon