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How do we best describe Insomnia?

The failure to sleep and establish a normal routine sleep pattern. There will be an inability to relax and may be waking from sleep frequently. This could be caused by tension, excitation, coffee, tea, depression and restlessness. Consider the following Homeopathic remedies before choosing one which most closely matches your symptoms.

1 – NUX VOMICA – Sleepy in the evening. Fitful sleep, spasmodic. Wakes between 2 – 3 am Very irritable type of person. Cause: excessive studying, overworking or excess in coffee and tea and other stimulants.

2 – COFFEA CRUDA – After excessive coffee drinking. Especially if there is irritability and tension. They will be wide awake with no tension to sleep. Mind filled with thoughts of the day.

3 – RHUS TOXICODENDRON – Very restless, must change position. Unable to fall sleep until early hours then has a sound heavy sleep. Better for warmth.

4 – PULSATILLA – Can not get to sleep until after midnight, then wakes up around 3 am Has a snack or walk about. Worse in a warm room. Sleep with arms above their head and often wanted high pillows.

5 – CHAMOMILLA – For children unable to sleep, due to pain or excitment or angry.

6 – PASSIFLORA – Restless sleepers, elderly and infants as well. Mind is over-active with ideas and thoughts. For the overworked and worried.

If you are unable to locate any of these remedies then consider the following.

INSOMNIA RELIEF – Some manufacturers of Homeopathic remedies produce what is known as a complex. This is a mixture of several Homeopathic remedies in one bottle. This can be very helpful in many cases but not all as the particular remedy the person needs may not be included in the mixture.

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