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Golden Rule Health Insurance is one of the medical and financial service providers under the UnitedHealthOne brand, covering forty states in service area. The company’s focus is aimed at servicing individuals, families, small businesses, employers and employees and they have been doing so for 60 years and counting. They have been acclaimed for pioneering certain innovative plans and financial strategy services in the form of giving life to the first Medical Savings account or MSA. This program aids in high costs by providing more affordability. Rating agencies focused on the measurement of the performances of individual companies have given praise for Golden Rule Health Insurance services and other features from the major company. Two rating agencies, A.M. Best and Standard and Poors, have given positive feedback giving the insurance company a grade of A and A+ respectively.

A.M. Best and Standard and Poors may have given Golden Rule Health Insurance very positive ratings, but other surveys more connected to the public’s interest have contradicted such results. For a particular US-based survey population, only 18% have claimed that they were satisfied with the company’s overall performance, while a staggeringly huge 81% have claimed that the company was not able to provide any kind of satisfactory service throughout the course of their subscriptions. The negative comments given by these survey takers point out more specific cases and experiences that back up the people’s negative ratings. These are real life accounts, and therefore you must consider judging them before applying for any kind of healthcare service from the company.

The nature of these complaints can be generalized and summed up. Most of them talk about how Golden Rule Health Insurance and other company services and/or products have not lived up to their promises and terms of agreement with the customers. Sample complaints revolve around the subject of how the company implements tricky management systems in order to be relieved from paying for medical claims. Most are feedback regarding high premium rates or unsatisfactory provision of crucial information regarding a customer’s status together with inefficient customer service representatives. The denials of claims, wrong information being given to doctors, lack of communication with clients, and the tricky gradual increase of premiums over time are examples of the most common natures of the public’s complaints.

Although the abovementioned negative feedback has been given, a significant minority has also given their own comments negating the larger percentage’s criticisms. Ironically, you will see that the positive comments are direct oppositions to the negative feedback. Many have stated that the company must be highly recommended because they have been 100% covered for medical fees. 12% of a US-based survey population have cited that they will definitely recommend the company’s healthcare services (while 10% are positively unsure).

In summary, one must get to know Golden Rule Health Insurance details, policies, and plans before availing of the company’s services. Know the basic terminologies and natures of programs this company runs and applies to their systems (like their Health Savings Account plans or HSAs) to understand their healthcare plans more.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon