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When your baby is, sick and can’t rest than neither can you and all you want is for them to feel better, because come on who wants to see your own child feeling miserable.  You may worry about side effects your baby may have from some of the pharmaceutical remedies and many aren’t safe at all for children under the age of 2.  Well, here is a natural way to treat the nausea your baby is suffering from and it comes in the form of Essential Oil for your Vomiting Baby.  Here is a list of some natural Essential oil for you to give a try to help you and your child to be able to get some rest.

              The usage of Peppermint Essential Oil can not only help with any vomiting your baby may be having by soothing that upset stomach, but also helps to break or lower any fever they may have associated with it.  This is essential oil is very powerful and needs to be diluted before being given though, but is very effective.

              If you are looking for a mixture of Essential oils that has been proven to be effective in making your child feel better than use “Di-Gize“.  This mixture will help with the vomiting and to relieve them of and gas discomfort they may be getting from all the vomiting.

              You can use Cardamom Essential oil to treat the vomiting as well and this essential oil has been around for a long time and being used to treat this condition for years.  It works by helping to reduce the spasms that induce the vomiting in your baby.

              Lavender Essential oil is very effective for treating vomiting for your baby as it calms them while it works to relax the body and slow or stop the vomiting your baby is suffering from.  It has been used for years and even work for people coming out of surgery to treat nausea.

              The last Essential Oil we are going to talk about today is Ginger Essential oil.  It is very effective and has many ways it can be used to treat your sick babies vomiting.  It can be used by itself, to being used in a tea and/or mixed with other Essential oils and all work wonderfully.  One of the best parts about this Essential oil is that it has not been found to cause any side effects that may cause the user to be uncomfortable from when being used to treat vomiting or nausea.


Post Author: Lisa Sharon