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How To Live A Healthy Life

The Healthy Life Course Unit uses an built-in method to deal with the population’s well being. For females, smoking prevalence amongst adults was highest in Kingston-upon-Hull (27.three%) and lowest in Redbridge (7.6%), three.6 occasions increased. An identical sample of lower smoking prevalence related to greater HLE at start was additionally present for females. Read more about Healthy Lifestyle here.

Healthy Life

There are identified limitations to data on self-assessed health standing. We all know that individuals give subjective answers to the question used to find out health status. Responses are influenced by a person’s expectations and there are measurable differences across socio-demographic elements equivalent to age, sex, and deprivation. Read more about Healthy Life Expectancy here.

Smoking prevalence is on an extended-term decline because the seventies; 16.9% of individuals in England were current people who smoke in 2015. For males, slightly below a fifth smoke now, and for females simply over a seventh. Read more about Healthy For Life here. This compares with half of males and two-fifths of ladies in 1974. Lengthy-term persistent smoking has a dangerous impact on well being and it is the largest explanation for preventable ailing health and untimely mortality in England with round 1 in each 6 deaths attributed to smoking ( Statistics on Smoking, NHSD 2016 ).

Research shows that you’re at higher threat of heart illness without a strong community of friends and family. Loneliness could cause irritation, and in otherwise healthy people it may be simply as dangerous as having excessive ldl cholesterol or even smoking. Read more about Healthy Life Expectancy here.

Wanting specifically throughout the lowest and highest HLE areas, the greatest difference between local authorities is 20.6% between Blackpool (the place lower than half of adults had been meeting the recommendation) and Richmond upon Thames (the place more than two-thirds of adults were meeting the recommendation). Overall Newham had the lowest percentage of bodily active adults in England in 2015 with only 44.eight% of residents meeting the rule of thumb and the best was York with nearly 70% of adults assembly it. A brief trip” alongside the District Line between Richmond upon Thames and Newham demonstrates a large disparity in levels of bodily activity amounting to 23%. Read more about Healthy Lifestyle here.

Big picture aside, most of what afflicts us immediately – cancer, obesity, mental illness, diabetes, stress, auto-immune issues, coronary heart illness, together with these gradual killers: meaninglessness, clock-watching and loneliness – are industrial ailments. We create traumatic, toxic, unhealthy life fuelled by sugar, caffeine, tobacco, antidepressants, adrenaline, discontent, power drinks and fast meals, after which defend the political ideology that obtained us hooked on these things in the first place. Read more about Healthy Life Quotes here. Our sedentary jobs further deplete our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, however instead of actually addressing the root reason behind the illness we exert ever extra effort, energy, genius and cash trying to deal with the signs and contain the epidemics.

A number of the qualifications had been extra easily …

Five Signs of People with High Emotional Intelligence

This type of intelligence is one of the intelligence that is considered complement the intellectual intelligence (IQ) that existed first. Emotional intelligence first appeared in 1964 in a paper by Michael Beldoch, and in 1966 in the B Leuner paper. Emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ) is defined as the ability of a person to control emotions in himself and others.

A person who has a good EQ can separate emotions and use them as a material of thought as well as self-behavior. EQ is considered to provide benefits in behaving, even in a career.

Usually, if you want to know the level of EQ in yourself, one must carry out a series of tests with a psychologist. But in a forum discussion in Quora, there are some actions that reflect the EQ that can be seen in everyday life without you needing to pay psychological tests.

  1. Listening and speaking

An account on behalf of Bran Bain writes that people with high EQ will be quick in listening and slow in talking. It shows awareness in conversation with others.

  1. Be careful

In his review, Paul Denlinger, explaining sometimes having emotional intelligence means he is careful in acting.

“The best example of emotional intelligence is to remain silent when circumstances are not possible, keep looking, observing, and listening to others,” he wrote.

  1. Managing emotions

Akanksha Ujjawal argues that self-control is an indicator of someone with a high EQ.

“They are very good at managing their emotions before losing themselves and exploding like volcanoes.They understand human emotions are very strong and can not be ignored and they handle it very quickly,” he wrote.

  1. A sense of humor

A controlled sense of humor is an important aspect that a person possesses with a high EQ, according to Venkatesh Rao. He argues that the person who turns everything into a joke and people does not laugh because of it, has a very serious EI.

“Sometimes this happens to comedians in their real life,” he said.

  1. Feedback

While Hans Jacobsen considered that receiving feedback can be a signal of quality from one’s emotional capacity.

“Explain to people that you are open to a response, and you want a response, and those with high EI listen attentively,” Jacobsen said.

People with high EQ according to Jacobsen will try to make others know they are listening.

If you do believe that the ability to manage your emotions can improve your quality of life, you just need a simple key, which is to keep pushing yourself to practice emotional intelligence.…

Healthy Diet Eating Plan – Healthy Snack Foods

We all love a yummy treat and they are hard to resist. Who does not love lashings of chocolate and ice cream?

However, if you are trying to stick to a healthy diet eating plan then you have to find healthy snack foods that will leave you feeling satisfied and you can enjoy. Remember you can still enjoy some snacks in moderation but you have to try to find alternatives that will replace those things that are definitely not good for your healthy diet eating plan.

It is important to try to keep your snack foods within the range of approximately 100 to 150 calories and not to have them in an amount that would take you over your daily calories count. If you are allowed 1600 calories per day then it is reasonable to have three meals of about 400 calories each and two to three snacks of approximately 100-150 calories each. This should keep you within a calorie count to lose weight and remain on a healthy diet eating plan.

First you can have some chocolate – a small piece approximately two squares of dark chocolate is alright as a snack maybe every couple of days. I have to say that my preference for chocolate like this is to suck it and enjoy every morsel rather than just cheering it and it being gone in a couple of seconds. The reason you want to limit the amount of chocolate you are eating is to help you break bad habits. New snacking should become part of your healthy diet eating plan.Relying to heavily on foods that are a problem for you does not change your attitude to eating.

Also remember drink about six to eight glasses of water per day especially prior to snacking. It is well known that often our brains misinterpret the feeling of being thirsty for thinking we are hungry. Being dehydrated makes you think you want something to eat. Coke is not okay. You need actual water, as your body interpret soft drink as a food and not a fluid. Besides the caffeine in cola soft drinks actually causes you to become more dehydrated. You may be sabotaging your weight loss by drinking cola based soft drinks. Remember that healthy snacks are to help you stay on your healthy diet eating plan. Do not cause yourself to fail because of soft drinks.

Another great food to snack on is celery. You can eat about 10 large stalks and it will only be about 100 calories. You can make your celery more enjoyable by eating it with hummus or peanut butter. The peanut butter has to go a long way as you should limit the amount you eat to about two tablespoons per day. The celery also gives you that comfort crunch when you bite into it. It is a snack that feels more substantial.

In my opinion the ultimate healthy snack food to keep you on your healthy diet eating plan is air popped popcorn. …

Healthy Meals For Children

Creating meals for children can be a task. Knowing what your child likes to eat and being able to offer them healthy meals based on their preferences can be difficult at times. Likewise, making sure that your child has healthy nutritious meals and snacks each day can be very easy to do if you are willing to be creative with your child's meals and offer them a variety of healthy options at meal or snack time.

One of the biggest difficulties for a parent is making sure that their children have healthy snacking options. In a world where salty chips, greasy French fries and sweet pastries are supreme it can be pretty hard to convince you child that healthy fruits and vegetables are better as snacking options. There are a number of healthy snack options that are sure to please your child. Slicing veggies such as carrots and celery and dipping them in peanut butter is a nice snack. Fresh fruit is always a great option. Keeping a little snack bag with apple slices, orange sections or bunches of grapes readily available for your child is advisable. If possible place fruit and veggies in small containers on your kitchen table for your child to eat whenever he or she wants to. Introducing your child to healthy snacking options at an early age will ensure that they understand that fruits and veggies are good and delicious to eat.

Making sure that your children eat balanced meals everyday is important. Children need a significant amount of vitamins and minerals during their younger years because they have growing bodies that demand nourishment. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides a significant amount of energy to begin one's day. This is especially true for school aged children. Make sure your child has a decent breakfast that includes some form of whole grain and protein source. Lunch can be difficult to monitor if you have school aged children. Many schools are trying to provide healthier school lunch options for students. If you are concerned about the quality of school lunch at your child's school you can always pack you child's lunch. When children arrive home from school make sure there are healthy snacking options in your fridge as children usually need a snack to hold them over until dinner. Dinner should be well balanced and the proportions size appropriate. Dinner should include a lean protein source, vegetables and a whole grain if possible.

In providing healthy snacks and meals it is important to remember that children will be children and letting them have the occasional sweet treat is okay. The saying everything in moderation definitely applies to letting your children indulge in goodies. If you are someplace like an amusement park obviously you child will want the traditional amusement park fair such as cotton candy, hot dogs and sodas. As a parent you must monitor what you child consumes and how much he or she consumes. An ice cream cone …

Diet + Good Food Choices = Healthy Living

It's no secret that diet along with good food choices will reward you with healthy living. But the main component of that statement is the fact that the two together work much better than each on their own do. And actually, you may have already discovered that when you do cut back on your salt, sugar and fat that you start to feel a little better, but you're really not getting into shape and dropping the pounds you expected to. That's because your metabolism is fervently working without the added boost it would be getting if you were working out as well. And if you're exercising, but not eating properly, you might notice that your energy level may still be somewhat lacking. That's because you're not getting the right nutrients to sustain an active lifestyle.

The key is to devise a workable plan for yourself that balances your diet which includes the right food choices and a satisfactory level of exercise to give you that healthy living result you're after. But with so many different diets throwing themselves at us on a constant basis, how do you know which one is right for you? Well, to help you decipher this common dilemma and give you a break from the same old diet plans, let's take a look at one of new developments in the weight loss arena to give you a fresh, new option.

GI Diet

One of the hottest diets to enter the scene and that is rapidly growing in popularity across Europe is the Glycemic Impact (GI) Diet. This diet includes foods that will get you well on your way to healthy living. It incorporates food choices that are designed to work together to give you more energy while you lose weight. It's also said to be great for stabilizing blood sugar so that you do not experience those highs and lows that result from eating foods with a high sugar content. The strategy behind it is that it combines lean proteins and unrefined complex carbohydrates with healthy fats to speed up your metabolism as it slows down digestion to help you to feel fuller longer. Many of the food choices included in this diet are probably things you're already eating:

o Grilled Chicken

o Asparagus

o Roast Turkey

o Broiled Fish

o Raspberries

o Almonds

o Cheese

o Couscous

o Pita

o Eggs (Florentine even!)

The GI Diet is actually one that is so seemingly nutritious and delicious, you could easily incorporate these foods into your daily life, for the rest of your life and achieve that level of healthy living you desire. There's a wide variation of tasty recipes that you could create just from the items on this list alone.

And do not forget to exercise at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes to help you achieve the best results. So now that you have some good information on this new plan, you can weigh the pros against the cons …

Health and Fitness – What Are You Doing to End Your Back Pain?

Upper or lower back pain is, unfortunately, a big part of life for many people. If chronic back pain keeps you down, there are several things you could be considering to help reduce this pain.

The sad part is it can be very difficult to get rid of back pain altogether. The good news, however, is with a few smart lifestyle changes, you should be able to move beyond it and return to leading the active lifestyle you desire. While it may still trouble you at times, if you learn how to manage it, it doesn’t have to stop you from leading the life you want.

Here are three steps you can take to help avoid feeling pain so often…

1. Prolonged Periods Of Sitting. We live in a day and age where many of us are sitting for hours at a time each and every day. We maybe work for eight hours straight and often only get up briefly for a couple of minutes to use the washroom.

All of this leads to acute pain in the lower back area, especially if you are not taking care to use proper posture.

Three ways to overcome this include…

  • sitting on an exercise ball rather than a traditional desk chair for a few hours each day. Sitting on an exercise ball will engage your back more, strengthening your abdominal muscles and core strength. Strong abdominal muscles support your back, and core strength means improved posture, balance, and stability.
  • get up at least once each hour and walk around for five minutes. Movement is critical.
  • consider taking a brisk 20-minute walk over your lunch or coffee break. A quick walk can make a world of difference regarding how much back pain you experience.

If you do engage in these three steps, you will find your back and body will feel far healthier.

2. Abdominal Crunches. Next, you will also want to refrain from doing too many abdominal crunches. Avoiding abdominal crunches does not mean you should not work your abs, though! In fact, it is the opposite. If you fail to work your abs, you are setting yourself up for back pain down the road. Strong abs are a must for the best abdominal support.

Just avoid crunches, which tend to place too much strain on the lower back. Try planks, lying leg raises, or decline twisting sit-ups in the machine instead.

3. Stress. Finally, beware of your stress levels. While it may seem like there should not be a connection between stress and back pain when you feel heavily stressed you will have tension in the muscles affecting your back. Over time this can lead to tightness and this tightness often goes on to cause back pain.

Take deep breaths throughout the day and focus on keeping your back, shoulders, and neck relaxed. It will make a difference over time.

Keep these three points in mind. What can you be doing today to put an end to your back pain?…

Facial Skin Care? It's A Breeze!

Your skin care products may change as you age or move from city to city; however the regimen and habitual routine should not.

All skin types will follow the same basic 5 steps:

1. Cleanse

2. Exfoliate

3. Tone

4. Moisturize

5. Protect

Before choosing your products, know your skin type:

Type 1 – Oily. Slightly shiny, enlarged pores and pearl to blackheads and pimples.

Type 2 – Combination / Oily. Medium pores, smooth even texture, good circulation, healthy color, dryness on the cheeks, oily in the T zone (nose, forehead)

Type 3 – Sensitive. Thin, fine fine lines, prone to broken capillaries, allergic reactions and rashes.

Type 4 – Dry. Tight after cleansing, fine wrinkles, flaking, red patches. Women of color will have an ashy tone or dull look from dead skin build up.

Type 5 – Aging / Sun damaged. Tight, visible wrinkles, slack skin tone around cheeks and jaw line, leathery texture and broken capillaries.

Beware of expensive products with empty promises!


Cleanse twice a day, in the morning and at night. If you exercise, cleanse your face afterwards. No body soaps on your face – ever – no exceptions! If you like the feeling of soap and water there are bar soaps that are designed for more delicate skin. For drier skin types, consider at creams and lotions. When cleansing your face, begin at the jaw line and work up your face to the hairline in gentle, small circular motions. Rinse with tepid water, never use extreme water temperatures!


All skin types would benefit from gentle weekly exfoliating. Exfoliating lotions and gentle scrubs are to be applied with the fingertips in small circular motions moving upward on the face from the jaw line to the hairline.


Toners are available for different skin types. Apply to a cotton pad (not a cotton ball). Smooth over your face in long strokes and work upward from the jaw line to the hairline. The purpose of the toner is to take any residue off of your face and prime your skin for the moisturizer. This step, however, is not necessary according to some skin care specialists.


All skin types need a moisturizer. Carefully choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. Purchase small or trial sizes to decide if the product is right for you. Most cosmetic counters have samples or they will apply it for you. Do not over moisturize the skin. If your skin needs more, try a heavier moisturizer or add a hydrator before you moisturize. Facial moisturizers are labeled as such. Do not use body creams or lotions on the face.

Eye creams are very important as you move into your mid-20's and older. Tap gently in the eye area from the outer corner inward using your ring finger; which naturally allows you to use the least amount of pressure. Tap across the eyebrow line down toward the center. Avoid getting the eye cream too close to the eye lashes. Do not …

Floaters and Flasers – Eye Health

Do you sometimes see small specks or clouds moving around your field of vision? You may have what are called "floaters" or eye floaters. You may often see them when you are looking at a plain background such as the sky or a blank wall.

So what are floaters and why do they occur? Floaters are actually tiny clumps of gel or cells inside the vitreous of the eye. This is the clear, gel-like fluid that fills the eye. While floaters appear to be in front of the eye, they are actually inside this vitreous fluid of the eye.

You are seeing shadows cast by the retina, which is the layer of cells lining the back of the eye which senses light and allows you to see. Floaters can come in different shapes such as dots, circles, lines, cobwebs or clouds. You can not "rub them out" since they are not actually found in the front of your eye.

So why do you get these floaters? There are different reasons why floaters may occur. Sometimes as people grow older, the vitreous gel may thicken or shrink which causes clumps or strands inside the eye. Then the gel can pull away from the back of the eye and cause what is called a posterior vitreous detachment.

This condition is more common in people who:

  • have undergone cataract operations
  • have had inflammation inside the eye
  • have had YAG laser surgery of the eye
  • are nearsighted

If you experience floaters or a sudden change in your floaters, particularly the sudden appearance of them in people over 45, you should see your eye doctor right away. The ophthalmologist can help you determine the causeof your floaters and how serious the condition is. …

Exercise Routines For Women

Exercise routines for women can be targeted for different goals such as losing body fat, gaining strength, building muscle size, or gaining power. And from that point, you choose the appropriate exercises to reach that goal.

I will explain to you the appropriate parameters for each goal; that way, you will have better and faster results to accomplish your goal.

Women's Exercise Routines for Building Strength

For women to build primarily strength, here is an example of a routine that is targeting one body part or one muscle.

-Chest Workout Routine for Strength:

Exercise 1-Dumbbells Bench Presses

Sets: 4-7 Repetitions: 3-7 Rest Intervals: 90-120 seconds

Exercise 2- Dumbbells Incline Bench Presses

Sets: 4-7 Repetitions: 3-7 Rest Intervals: 90-120 seconds

-Leg Workout Routine for Weight Loss

Note: For weight loss you need to add cardiovascular / aerobic training on top of the exercise routine to make the weight loss more effective.

Exercise 1- Body weight Squats

Sets: 2-3 Repetitions: 15-20 Rest Intervals: 60-90 seconds

Exercise 2 Step Ups

Sets: 2-3 Repetitions: 15-20 Rest Intervals: 60-90 seconds

-Chest Workout Routines for Power

To gain power you need to perform the movement as fast and as safe as possible, and power is different than gaining strength. For gaining power you need to perform plyometric or explosive movements. Let me provide you with an example …

Explosive Push ups:

Push up forcefully where you can clap your hands before landing with your hands to descend so you can perform the next repetition.

Sets: 4-8 Repetitions: 3-8 Rest Intervals: 60-120 seconds

Women's Exercise Routines for Building Muscle / Hypertrophy

Rowing Movement

For rowing movements you can use cable machines, dumbbell rows, bend-over barbell rows, or tube rowing exercise.

Sets: 3-5 Repetitions: 7-12 Rest Intervals: 60-90 seconds

Exercise Routines for Women should be designed carefully and not be done randomly. That way you will maximize your workout results.

In order to do that, you should ask yourself what is my goal or the purpose of performing a workout routine today or for the next month? Is it gaining strength so I can be able to perform chin-ups, or is it weight loss so I can lose body fat and improve my overall lean body composition? …

Overview on Biotherapy – Treatment for Cancer

The impact of the discovery of cancer is indeed intestinal, that is why treatment and prevention have been developed. Cancer alternative treatments are even utilized by some. New therapies are tested to prolong the life of cancer patients and of course any serious complications. Every time there is a breakthrough in the cure for cancer, it has given hope to old and newly diagnosed patients with cancer and also their loved ones. Somehow they can say that there is still light for going back to a normal life.

Biotherapy is one of the developed methods for treating cancer. The major goal is to stimulate the immune response of the patient to damage or destroy cancer cells and eventually eliminate cancer symptoms. Cancer cells contain certain proteins called tumor-specific antigens that are not present on normal cells. The normal response of the body to antigens is stimulation of the immune system and production of antibodies. The antibodies will help fight foreign objects and thus boost the immune system of the patient.

Immunotherapy holds promise as a treatment for cancer because of the properties of the immune system like specific antigen recognition, so antitumor immune rejection responses can selectively eliminate cancer cells but spare normal cells. The long-lived immune memory cells can provide extended protection against recurrent tumor cells and foci of metastatic cancer cells and numerous immunologic mechanisms are able to cause rejection of various types of cancer. Research is focusing on the immunogenic properties of various tumor-associated antigens and on developing methods to enhance specific tumor rejection immune responses.

Biotherapy refers to taking the own biological substances of the body that modify the body's response to tumors, modifying these substances to increase their response to tumors and then reinfusing them. The term, biologic response modifiers have evolved to encompass many forms of biotherapy. They are treatment approaches or agents that affect the relationship between the host and the tumor. The biologic response of the host to the tumor cells may be affected, or the tumor cells may be modified. These changes result in a therapeutic benefit.

Some biologic response modifiers include interferon, monoclonal antibodies, tumor necrosis factor, interleukins, killer T cells, and helper T cells. Interferon is a protein produced by fibroblasts and lymphocytes that is capable of producing an antiproliferative effect in cancer cells. In addition to inhibiting cell growth and thereby preventing cell division, interferon appears to enhance the activity of natural killer cells.

With production of monoclonal antibodies, antibodies specific for a given target tumor cell antigen are developed. These highly specific antibodies are then infused into the patient. Tumor necrosis factor in conjunction with other biologic agents can be given to aid in destruction of a tumor.

Treatments of cancer have been developed and improved to decrease the mortality rate in patients. Biotherapy has proven to be effective since it improves the biological functions of the body in forming antibodies that will fight back the effects of cancer cells. With the new treatments for this medical …

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