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Five Signs of People with High Emotional Intelligence

This type of intelligence is one of the intelligence that is considered complement the intellectual intelligence (IQ) that existed first. Emotional intelligence first appeared in 1964 in a paper by Michael Beldoch, and in 1966 in the B Leuner paper. Emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ) is defined as the ability of a person to control emotions in himself and others.

A person who has a good EQ can separate emotions and use them as a material of thought as well as self-behavior. EQ is considered to provide benefits in behaving, even in a career.

Usually, if you want to know the level of EQ in yourself, one must carry out a series of tests with a psychologist. But in a forum discussion in Quora, there are some actions that reflect the EQ that can be seen in everyday life without you needing to pay psychological tests.

  1. Listening and speaking

An account on behalf of Bran Bain writes that people with high EQ will be quick in listening and slow in talking. It shows awareness in conversation with others.

  1. Be careful

In his review, Paul Denlinger, explaining sometimes having emotional intelligence means he is careful in acting.

“The best example of emotional intelligence is to remain silent when circumstances are not possible, keep looking, observing, and listening to others,” he wrote.

  1. Managing emotions

Akanksha Ujjawal argues that self-control is an indicator of someone with a high EQ.

“They are very good at managing their emotions before losing themselves and exploding like volcanoes.They understand human emotions are very strong and can not be ignored and they handle it very quickly,” he wrote.

  1. A sense of humor

A controlled sense of humor is an important aspect that a person possesses with a high EQ, according to Venkatesh Rao. He argues that the person who turns everything into a joke and people does not laugh because of it, has a very serious EI.

“Sometimes this happens to comedians in their real life,” he said.

  1. Feedback

While Hans Jacobsen considered that receiving feedback can be a signal of quality from one’s emotional capacity.

“Explain to people that you are open to a response, and you want a response, and those with high EI listen attentively,” Jacobsen said.

People with high EQ according to Jacobsen will try to make others know they are listening.

If you do believe that the ability to manage your emotions can improve your quality of life, you just need a simple key, which is to keep pushing yourself to practice emotional intelligence.…

Health Tips For Men Over 30

From your thirty's on it really pays to look after yourself and there are some really simple ways to put this into practice so why not start today? We have come up with five top tips that will help you to stay one step ahead of the rest. Read on to find out more:

Sleep. The value of a good nights sleep is often unappreciated and with so many of us living busy and demanding lives it is more important than ever, particularly as we get older. It is now well documented that sleeping for less than 7 hours solid every night will shorten your life so take control of this area of ​​your life and make sleep and relaxation a priority alongside fitness, healthy eating, social life and career.

Exercise. Regular exercise is always important but if you neglect it as you get older you will really start to notice your fitness levels dropping rapidly. The good news is that it's easy to work exercise into your daily routine. Making repeating changes like; walking to work, always taking the stairs and getting involved with a weekly activity like football or squash will be enough to help you to stay fit. Aim to raise your heart rate for at least 30 minutes every day. You can even split this into two 15 minute sessions during the day if you are pressed for time.

Diet. We all know about the importance of a healthy diet so be conscious of what you consume and when. Again, there are some very simple ways to improve your eating habits so this does not have to be too much of a chore. Consider things like whether you eat a good breakfast, how much alcohol you consume and what you snack on. It's not rocket science; start making good choices.

Hydration. Keeping topped up with water is not just for girls so start making the effort to include plenty in your diet. Drinking water can also help your skin to stay looking younger, prevent hangovers if you keep a liter bottle next to the bed and guzzle some after a night out, and diminish your appetite if you drink a large glass half an hour before each meal.

Laughter. You've heard the expression 'laughter of the best medicine' and it's certainly not far from the truth. A positive outlook can get you through times of stress and a good belly laugh has numerous health benefits. The best way to ensure a daily dose of laughter is to spend time talking to and socializing with friends and loved ones, so try not to neglect your relationships. …

Getting Fit Fast! Formulating a DIY Fitness Plan

We've all been there – you run for the bus and get "unusually" breathless, or you sit down to lunch and realize there's an "extra" fold of skin hanging over your belt. A large sedentary lifestyle coupled with a desk-bound job does a lot to contribute to a person's lack of fitness. The first panicky response a person would have is to sign up for a gym membership or go on a strict diet. Both resolutions will crash and burn due to lack of planning. It's far better to form a fitness plan that works instead of going to extremes.

Goals – Keep Your Eye on the Prize

First, you need to identify why you want to get fit. Do you want to fit into that pair of jeans again? A specific deadline for your fitness goal, such as "I will drop ten kilos and fit into that bikini by summer", also serves as encouragement to start exercising. A specific goal, whether or not it's realistic or whether you manage to achieve it on deadline allows you to visualize and implement the steps you need to accomplish it.

Plan – How Will You Achieve the Goal

Being "fit" consist of having strength, speed, aerobic endurance, flexibility and agility. Exercise that emphasizes aerobic endurance helps you slim down while strength-oriented training will build muscle and bulk. Weight lifting does not necessitously result in a bull neck and hulking shoulders. It's advisable to carry out more repetitions while lifting lighter weights in order to develop strength. In turn, increased muscular strength builds up the heart and lungs as well.

Aerobic exercise should always be included in any fitness plan. It could involve walking, cycling or running / jogging for 20-60 minutes daily. Rowing is an aerobic exercise that is exceptionally attractive because workouts are low impact. Sustained aerobic activity burns fat, builds muscle and, of course, builds up the cardiovascular system.

Flexibility is attained by the stretches you carry out at the beginning and end of each exercise session. Light stretching increases your pulse rate before exercise while also allowing you to ease back down from an intestinal workout. A fitness plan should incorporate elements that build strength, endurance and flexibility in order to be successful. If you exercise at a gym, do not be afraid to try out different machines and classes to find what works best for you.

Intensity and Frequency – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Ease into the new routine before attempting to move on to a more high impact version if you're committing to a fitness plan for the first time, or if it's been a long time since you exercised regularly.

It's recommended to get moderately intense aerobic exercise of 30 minutes 'duration daily or vigorously intensive aerobic exercise of 20 minutes' duration three days a week. Most people find the former more achievable as it involves exercise that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat while still being able to carry on a …

Health and Fitness for Teens

Like adult fitness, teen fitness is important for physical and mental health. But as kids grow up the level of physical activity tends to decline. For teenagers to be healthy they need to perform at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise a day. However, keeping fit and healthy is not always a priority for teenagers coping with the pressures of adolescence.

The teenage years are a great time to introduce the importance of regular exercise. Patterns of behavior that begin during adolescence are likely to continue through to adult life. Young people should be encouraged to enjoy physical activities that offer variety and enjoyment and are suitable for their age.

It is found that inactive adolescents have higher levels of body fat, lower levels of fitness and are more likely to suffer depression. Schools are assigning less time for teens to participate in sport so exercise alternatives need to be found outside of education.

Going to the gym will help teenagers to maintain fitness. Several gym membership packages include admission to swimming pools and exercise classes offering a wide variety of physical activity. Yet some 13-19 year olds will find it difficult to commit to a structured gym environment and membership may be expensive.

Team sports are great for kids this age to achieve the recommended levels of physical exercise.

Most schools offer regular recreational and competitive team activities. By introducing competition into exercise, teens will be motivated to work harder and be the best in the team.

Teens should be encouraged to play a variety of sports that can be played all year round. Team games are fun and teenagers enjoy exercising with friends. Group sports can be continued out of education so look out for local recreational teams and leagues.

Not everyone is interested in competitive sport so introduce teens to different activities such as karate, dance or skateboarding as kids at this age like to try new things. Even if a hobby is not physically demanding it will help to maintain fitness .

Physical activity must be matched with healthy eating and for adolescents a balanced diet is imperative. Adolescence is a time of rapid growth and the major dietary requirement is for energy rich food. The body needs to get the right amount of nutrients through a balance of starch, dairy, fruit, vegetables and proteins.

During puberty teenagers body concerns are intensified and studies have reported that teens are more likely to become unhappy with their weight. Maintaining levels of nutrition are important and if kids need to lose weight then cutting down on fat and sugar based foods is a way to do so.

Regular physical activity increases the likelihood of teenagers remaining healthy in adulthood. They should find ways to be active everyday as the afternoon of chronic diseases like diabetes can begin to develop early in life. Teens can keep active by going to the gym or playing team sports. Simply walking to school will promote fitness. …

Video Games and Exercise For Children

Many parents worry about the amount of time that their children spend playing video games, and in particular, that their children are not getting enough exercise. Well, it could well be that their worries and concerns are over, with the increasing popularity of video games and peripherals which actively encourage physical exercise.

Recently there has been an increase in demand from children and young teens for dance mats. These are interactive mats which have built in sensors, the idea being that the players have to move, dance, jog, jump and twist to music, accomplishing as many moves as quickly as possible, and following set dances. This puts them in direct competition with their friends, and of course, they spend a great deal of time jumping, twisting and being energetic. Some people would argue that getting exercise in this way is better for their health than going out on the streets, cycling along busy roads or going off to parks, where they meet with all sorts of risks and dangers.

In addition to dance mats, Nintendo has very recently launched a new sports peripheral, that acts as a baseboard – not dissimilar to a small surfboard. By balancing on this, a number of activities can be transported out – from basic stepping, to surfing and snowboarding, and even yoga. The massive number of incredibly sensitive sensors built into the board means that the computer can detect the balance, pressure and movement of a player, and either replicate that using a three dimensional avatar on the screen, or provide feedback or an assessment on the level of skill, level of fitness or level of ability at a particular activity.

Again, children have a natural competitiveness in them, and this can be against themselves as much as against their friends. Often these days schools are not keen to engage children in competitive sports, and many schools have actively opted out of teaching competitive activities in the curriculum. However, children do have a natural need to try to be better, either than their past performance or against someone else – and whether that is a friend or a computer generated avatar does not always matter. Getting physical exercise in this way means that not only are your children getting a good dose of healthy exertion, but very often they are being taught how to improve their skills, and carry out warm exercises and techniques to help them.

Clear computers are unquestionably to replace the fresh air and benefits of going outdoors and running around on a sports field, but cycling through the countryside, but we also have to be realistic and accept that, while these activities might well be possible and safe a generation or two ago, children are at far greater risk today, and so one way in which they can be helped is to use these games which provide them with fun and entertainment, as well as exercise.

As with all things – the key is striking a reasonable balance between types …

Exercises For Abs – Your Plan For Getting a 6 Pack

There is no better time than the present to start working on that 6 pack that you have always wanted, so why not track down some effective exercises for abs that can help you reach your goals? There are a lot of misconceptions about how to work on your abdominal muscles, as well as what the exercises will actually do for the appearance of your abdominal muscles, so make sure to consider all of the information available when you are planning your ab workouts!

First of all, keep in mind that if you are trying to work around stubborn belly fat, working on your abs alone is not going to solve your problem. You can do all of the ball exercises you want, or try those revolutionary standing sit-ups that Dr. So and So on television recommended in a late night infomercial, but if you have excess fat in your abdominal region, you should be supplementing your ab work with a healthy diet and some type of cardiovascular exercise, preferably in at least 30-minute increments. You may strengthen your abs with lower ab exercises, but working on your abs will not specifically remove fat from that particular area.

However, an exercise routine such as a yoga routine can be very beneficial for toning your abs while getting you in better overall shape, as well. In fact, yoga can tone a lot of your muscles, not just your abdominal muscles! That is one of the reasons why yoga continues to be so popular with fitness enthusiasts. Also, you can give Pilates a try, as it has a lot of similar principles to yoga and also can give you a great workout and tighter abs.

It is generally best to stay away from doing classic sit ups, as crunches are usually better for you and more effective. Many people prefer doing crunches with an exercise ball, which allows you to have a better range of motion. Using an exercise ball also helps you to utilize your stabilizing muscles while working your abs in a whole new way. Plus, you can really keep your workout fresh by rotating new exercises into your routine. One of the keys to successful exercises for abs is to keep yourself motivated, and one of the best ways to do that is to frequently change up your routine. Follow these basic principles, and you are well on your way to getting a great ab workout. …

Exercises and Workouts – Five Rest Day Sins To Avoid

Are you gearing up for a rest day? Rest days are a must in any workout program. Your body can only handle doing so many workouts before recovery is required. Unfortunately, though, some people do not approach their days off correctly, making a few grave errors costing them the results they are seeking.

If you often come out of rest days not feeling refreshed, it is important to double-check to see you are not making any of these mistakes…

1. Cutting Back On Calories. Do you think because you are not hitting the gym, you should hardly eat any food? Think again. Remember it is during your rest day your body will be busy repairing any damage that took place while you were in the gym.

Avoid cutting back too much on your calorie intake. Sure, you can decrease your carbs by 25 to 50 grams or so, but do not make too many other changes.

Think of this as a chance for your body to refuel.

2. Doing “Light” Cardio Training. Another mistake some people make is doing “light” cardio training. They head to the gym thinking they will just do an easy walk on the treadmill. Next thing they know, they are doing sprints.

If you can not do light activity, stay out of the gym altogether. Better yet, get some leisure activity in by going for a walk outdoors.

Rest days should not include any form of structured physical activity. If you do, you risk jeopardizing the benefits a rest day should be bringing to your body.

3. Lack of Sleep. Another mistake many people make is to neglect their sleep. And the lack of sleep ends up impacting health, safety, and longevity. They stay up late and only get 5 to 6 hours of sleep. On rest days, focus on having 7 to 8 hours sleep. Since you are not hitting the gym during the day, this should free up an extra hour or two you can use to take a nap or go to bed earlier.

The extra sleep will push your body into a state of recovery and ensure you bounce back quickly, ready to take on your next workout session.

4. Binge-Eating. Binge-eating is another common theme for some people on a rest day. If they are not cutting their calories back too far, they are overeating instead.

If you find you get out of the healthy mindset on your rest days, do something like yoga or meditation By quieting your mind, relaxing and embracing silence you will find it helps to keep you focused on doing something good for your body, ensuring you do not let your nutrition slide.

5. Stressing Out. The last thing to avoid doing on off days is stressing out. Stress is also going to decrease your recovery capacity because you are releasing a high dose of cortisol into your body.

Relax. Just because you are not hitting the gym for one day does not mean your fitness …

3 Thigh Workout Routines For Women

No woman would want big and fatty thighs. Otherwise, the whole swimsuit parade would be a nightmare or too embarrassing to contain. The idea about training thighs came to the picture when women became more conscious about flaunting their legs out on all occasions.

Beyond just mere jogging or occasional adduction-abduction machine training, there are other exercises that can firm, strengthen and shape women's thighs. These 3 women's thigh workout routines may help you gain sexier thighs:

1. Thigh Kicking, It is obviously about thrusting your legs abruptly to shake your thigh muscles. You must have a weight attachment that you can tie around your right ankle to do this. Have it attached to a sturdy chair or bar. Gradually lift right leg straight up as high as you can to feel the contract in your thigh muscles and hamstrings.

As your leg is straightened up, hold it for 2 seconds before bringing it down. Do 2-4 sets of 16 counts of this before transfering the weight attachment to the right ankle and lifting your left leg this time. Do another 2-4 sets of 16.

2. Standard Leg Lifting, This is a classical approach to strengthening and perfecting your thighs. Lie down on your back. Your arms must be straightened in light with your wide. Bend your right knee allowing your foot to be held flat on the ground. Hold the left leg straightly.

As you gradually lift the straightened leg up until beyond your bent knee, you must control the motion and feel the flexing sensation in your thigh. Hold it for 2 seconds before lowering your leg down. Lift up again for 2-4 sets of 16 repetitions before you can shift positions-this time bending your left knee and lifting your right leg.

3.Leg Extending, In most cases, fitness clubs are equipped with leg extension machines. Using this equipment will strengthen your thighs especially the front area. Approach the machine and sit on it. Place both your feet beneath the bar with pads fronting you. You must make sure that your knees are hanging away from where you are seated while the padded bar must be right on your ankles without excluding them.

Stretch your legs up just slowly but surely and sense the contract in your thighs. Then, bring your legs down slowly again. Do not permit the momentum to overrule you. It must be you taking control of the motion as you extend your legs forward and backward. You can do 2 sets of 12 counts or even more depending on your tolerance level.

Your legs are as important as your triceps, biceps, shoulders, back and abs. All your muscle groups must be trained but make sure you allocate rest days for each of the resistance trainings you do. With you succeeding in these thigh exercises, it's sure that you will be more confident to wear a swimsuit and flaunt your legs off. …

Benefits of Starting a Family Fitness Plan

Family fitness makes exercise fun. Often overweight or obese children do not see fitness as something "fun" to do. Instead they look to more passive activities like playing videogames, watching television, reading or just talking with friends. By creating a family fitness plan you are showing your children by example that fitness is fun. Even if you have not had a fitness plan before, your children will pick up quickly on your good example. Families that exercise together get fit together. If you are overweight too, you'll lose weight as well.

There are many activities you can do as family fitness. Try starting out with something simple, like walking or biking. Walking is an ideal activity as you do not have to buy any equipment and everyone can start no matter their level. The key to walking is to create a route ahead of time and know where you are going to walk. Try making it a goal to walk to a specific destination and then back again. Or get in shape to walk a charity walk together.

Family fitness is a social activity for many families. This is a great way to spend time with your children. As you participate in the fitness activity, you are spending time together. You can enjoy being with each other. So it is not just the sport, it is doing the sport together. It is critical to select sports and fitness activities that your family enjoys together.

There are fitness activities you can do to enjoy every season of the year. Families can ski and skate and sled in the winter. You can hike and go apple picking in the fall. You can rollerblade and play baseball in the spring. Your family can swim and surf in the summer.

Family fitness is something your family can do either indoors or outdoors, depending on the activity. There are some activities you can do both indoors or outdoors, like playing basketball or even swimming or ice-skating. Then there are other activities you'll need to be either indoors or outdoors, like surfing is very much an outdoor sport. This is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors and the seasons.

As your family gets in shape, there are more sports to explore. Your family can start with walking and then advance to hiking or mountain climbing. Or you could even look at rock wall climbing, which is done indoors and can be very challenging but is great exercise! You can participate in many sports no matter your fitness level, but some sports are more suited for the intermediate to the advanced level fitness enthusiast.

Best of all, as your family participates in fitness you'll see your children change. You'll see them get healthier and lose weight. If they have asthma, you'll see it reduce or even disappear completely. They'll find it much easier to go to sleep. They'll have reduced stress and higher levels of concentration. Family fitness can improve every level of their life! …

Mental Health Vs Physical Health

Mental health is as equally important as physical health. While physical health helps keep our bodies strong and fit, mental health helps keep us sane, rational and headstrong.

Being mentally fit allows us to enjoy life and the environment, helps us overcomes life’s trials and tribulations and prevents us from getting a breakdown. We can be creative, learn, try new things, and take risks. Having good mental health helps us become better people and gives us the positive attitude we need when faced by doubt and hardships in our personal and professional life.

You may have already taken steps in maintaining good mental health better than you physical fitness, only you might not realize it. The fact that you are still living and breathing with a sane mind proves that you are capable in coping with life’s pressures. In maintaining mental fitness, it is good to know how to overcome stress.

The older we grow, the more prone we are to stress and most of use would want to achieve a stress-free life. Stress will come and it is up to us on how to effectively and positively handle it.

Stress is a state when a change occurs in our lives and we have to adapt to it. Changes such as deaths, births, illness, a new job or getting sacked are changes that require adaptation. In this process of adapting, if you are not careful with coping properly, can lead to stress.

Effectively coping with stress is good for our mind, body and soul. Methods to keep stress at bay are like meditation, exercise, yoga and such help reducing the negative effects of stress. If stress in not controlled, it can effect us emotionally and intellectually. Some of the effects of stress include fear, anxiety, and confusion, a decrease in concentration and memory and loss of sense of humor.…

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