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Cannabis or marijuana is a kind of illicit narcotics for use in some countries a circulating or taking could be sentenced to a criminal offense if circulate and consume this type of illicit narcotics. In the content of cannabis are sixty chemicals are known as cannabinoids. The content of cannabinoids can provide benefits to the body in the body when used wisely and in accordance with the recommended dose of one of the countries that use marijuana as a medicine, namely the State of Israel, the country’s use of marijuana to treat cancer, HIV-AIDS and Alzheimer’s.

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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida have satellite locations all over the country to meet your needs. Our primary goal is provide our patients with a safe and effective way to seek cannabis therapy for their medical conditions.

he said diseases are cured with cannabis or marijuana is referred to as follows

  1. Cancer

Cannabidiol (CBD), which is contained in marijuana could inhibit Id-1, where the Id-1 is a gene that causes cancer cells spread in the body, marijuana can also prevent nausea in patients who are undergoing the process of chemotherapy, behind the efficacy of cannabis may inhibit Id -1 and prevent patients from nausea while undergoing chemotherapy process but marijuana has no side effects in the long run them are addicted patients using cannabis and therefore there are few organizations in the american medical association oppose the use of medical marijuana in the.

  1. HIV-AIDSDiseases

Besides being able to treat cancer had marijuana pill could also be used to boost the appetite of people with HIV-AIDS, according to the journal Neurology found that people who inhaled marijuana can create mood and quality of life be increased. This research has also been done on the monkey and the results can prevent disease hiv aids.

  1. Alzheimer’s

The content contained in marijuana also can bind to the enzymes that cause Alzheimer’s disease, it is addressed by the journal Molecular Pharmacetutics content of cannabis is believed to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon