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Breast implants are usually done for cosmetic reasons and there are huge costs involved in getting those implants.

Now the health insurance as a rule do not pay for the surgery done for cosmetic reasons and there are several other areas where the health insurance does not pay for the costs involved. These are

Breast augmentation Any medical care you would you need should there be any complications of breast implant surgery. If you need revision surgery after the initial breast augmentation Or lastly, if you need to remove the implants.

So if you are planning to get the surgery make sure that you take into account any of the items that I have listed above. Each of these above cost big sums of money so make sure to think ahead and all the future costs related to breast augmentation.

In some cases there are insurance companies who drop you from coverage if you have undergone the surgery. So make sure that ask your insurer that will you still get health insurance once you undergo surgery. Make sure that whether they will or will not cover major breast ailments like cysts or breast cancer.

The costs involved in the breast surgery can range $4000 to $7000. There are additional costs involved which are hospital facility costs, anesthesia costs, prescriptions and medical costs.

As you explore options for breast surgery you need to make sure that you go for the board certified plastic surgeon. The doctor should be board certified for the kind of surgery you are undergoing. Also if you are exploring low coat option abroad think again. It can be very risky and you have no idea about the quality of doctors over there. There is far less regulation in other low cost countries so you may end being treated by a not so qualified surgeon.

Health insurance companies also do not cover any amount expense related to complications that arise from breast implants. The insurance companies do not cover any removal costs whatsoever and these costs can run up to $10000. Also there are no installment payment plans available for removal of the implants. So if you had your surgery for insertion and then immediately you would need removal then there is no option for you but to fund it yourself. Also if you have silicone breast implants then each year you need to have an MRI done to detect leakage and that will also not be covered by insurance.

So make sure that you take all costs into account while thinking of breast augmentation options.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon