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Many people now choose bariatric surgical procedures as effective weight loss modalities. Unlike olden times, weight loss surgeries have improved a lot in terms of ensuring better results also as well as lesser complications. There are many specialty bariatric surgical centers and expert surgeons doing these procedures.

However, there are a few things the patients who undergo bariatric surgery should know. We have discussed many things patients need to know before going for the surgery, and this article we will see some do’s and don’ts one needed to consider after surgery.

Don’t be bothered about the ‘only’ thing


At the first point, after surgery, you need to erase the word ‘only’ from your vocabulary. People tend to worry about I lost only 10 lbs. in three weeks or I have only getting little benefited out of the procedure. Instead, always think positively, say for example, be proud of the fact that I lost 10 lbs. in two weeks. This can give you a positive energy.

Don’t think that you will never enjoy your favorite dishes again

You need to have to fall into an assumption that you will never be able to enjoy your favorite foods. You can enjoy everything you always liked, but to a limited extent. What you need to learn is a fair discipline in terms of y our eating habits.

Do learn about everything you need to do post op

There are some straight things nutritionist will tell you to be practiced after the surgery. Know about all these things well before surgery itself. Some examples are not drinking water with the meals, usage of smaller plates and utensils to limit intake, engaging in routine workouts, and limiting sugar and sodium consumption etc. Joining some bariatric surgery groups also will help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle post surgery.

Do celebrate each weight loss milestones achieved

You can be proud of your achievements made and let it contribute towards your next goal set. Believe that whatever you lost have gone off your body forever. All the achievements made deserve a pat on the back. Don’t compare the success and loses you personally experienced with that of others.

Do keep a track

It is always good to keep a pair of your old large clothes you have worn once. Try them once in a while after your surgery, which will give you a reassurance about the achievements you made. Just try this when you feel to have a down moment to boost up your spirit. Losing weight is a rollercoaster ride and whatever things can keep you in positive spirit can make you feel better and enjoy the journey.

Don’t let the measurement scale define your spirits

There is no clear-cut rule on how much, how fast, how effectively you can lose weight post operatively after bariatric surgeries. There can be real fluctuations, some weeks you may find fast weight loss and some other weeks not so reassuring.

Patience is the key. Just try to envision and mediate yourself through the goal. Just keep on smiling and move on, success is yours!

Post Author: Lisa Sharon