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Having diabetes is bad enough in and of itself. Fight with insurance companies and Medicare to pay for the supplies is another story altogether.

Aetna Health Insurance is one of the few health insurances that give sufficient coverage for diabetes supplies. If you have Medicare and Aetna insurance as a supplement or if you just have Aetna the coverage is very similar and includes things others don’t.

Renata Nyleve Editor of the “Free Diabetic Testing Supplies” website — — pointed out;

“…Aetna covers diabetic supplies that are considered “medically necessary”. This includes things like blood glucose monitors, syringes (for insulin), Insulin pens, alcohol swabs, lancets, blood glucose test strips and control solutions. It will cover many of the newer and more sophisticated blood glucose monitoring devices than other policies. It also covers continuous glucose monitoring devices in certain instances, such as short-term diagnostic use when necessary for controlling glucose levels in Type 1 Diabetes. Long-term use however, is covered for type 1 diabetics who have recurrent episodes of severe drops in blood sugar levels…”

Many of the mail order companies that supply durable medical equipment take Aetna as part or all of your payment. If you also have Medicare, the cost is usually covered in total. These companies usually give you a choice of meters, test strips, lancets, control solutions, lancing devices and syringes. Most of these companies will even work with your doctor to get your medical information and a prescription.

“…They will even call or email you a reminder as a courtesy when it is time to renew your supplies. There are several Aetna Medicare Prescription Plans available that offer full coverage through mail order. If you are not on a combination Aetna/Medicare plan Aetna itself will pay part of the cost if you chose to go through your pharmacy to get them…” added R. Nyleve.

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Post Author: Lisa Sharon