5 Transport Options To Travel Around New Zealand

Are you planning a holiday to New Zealand? Thousands of people visit New Zealand every year. The country is among the top holiday destinations in the world with tourists mostly coming from countries like Australia, United Kingdom, and United States. There are countless reasons why you should visit New Zealand.

If you love nature, beautiful, and majestic landscape then undoubtedly this should be your destination of choice. Imagine yourself basking in the sun amidst the magnificent mountains, lakes, and rugged coastlines. How about enjoying the splendid alpine glaciers, geysers, and fjords in winter? All these and more can be seen in one beautiful, glorious, and exciting country.

The country’s total land area is about 103,483 square miles and is made up of two main islands with a few other smaller islands. There are 5 transport options to travel around New Zealand.

One of the most convenient and accessible means of traveling around New Zealand is through the Railway system. If you want to travel long distances consider taking a train. This saves you from long hours of arduous driving and allows you to stay fresh and full of energy the moment you arrive at your destination. Take the TransAlpine train if you want to see the gorgeous Southern Alps. For people who want to travel between Wellington an Auckland, the Overlander train will take you to your destination. If you want to go whale watching and visit the beautiful coastal villages, take an exciting journey on board the Coastal Pacific.

Traveling using a campervan is also among the 5 different options to travel around New Zealand. The use of a campervan is considered to be one of the most popular and convenient ways to travel around this magnificent country. Explore this country leisurely by choosing from the different types of campervans and motor homes available for rent. Campgrounds are scattered all across the country and finding one will never be a problem. Forget about paying for expensive hotel rooms. A campervan offers you the comfort of home while you travel the country at your own relaxed pace.

More and more tourists love to drive around and enjoy the beauty of nature unfold before their eyes. This is the reason why self-drive travel is becoming more popular. This type of transportation option is well suited for a country like New Zealand. There are many car rental services all over the country which will offer you the best possible options available to ensure that you will have a grand time touring around the country. Drive only to places you want to see following your own schedule and at your own pace.

If you hate to drive especially in a foreign land, don’t worry bus travel is among the 5 transport options to travel around New Zealand. Bus travel is well suited for individuals who want to save themselves from the stress of driving in another country. Choose from among the many bus tours available which will take you to popular destinations. A …