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Eight Week Fitness Plan

An eight week fitness plan would be great right now. Well Spring is here in Calgary and the weather is getting better by the day so I thought it would be a nice day to give a little primer on how to start getting ready for Summer fun, fitness and other activities.

First of all I hope that you were spending time through the winter getting or staying in shape despite for many people there was no chance of that as there are still some roadblocks for many. As you probably already know I ride a bike almost year round and am fortunate enough to have an elliptical trainer and stationary bike at home for when the temperatures drop really really low. I have a set of weights at home but did not lift them more than a couple of times through the winter.

OK, so let's say you are now in crappy shape, then you will really need an eight week fitness plan. There is a light at the end of the next few weeks and we should all be aware that you can get out there and improve your fitness in just a few weeks if you plan it properly. The first step is to plan what you want over the next eight weeks. There is a sample slimming plan at but I would like to just look at an eight week fitness plan of better cardio instead that will make you feel better in the shorter term. I found this list from Runners World:

Week 1: Run one min, walk 90 seconds. Repeat eight times. Do three times a week.

Week 2: Run two mins, walk one min. Repeat seven times. Do three times a week.

Week 3: Run three mins walk one mins. Repeat six times. Do three times a week.

Week 4: Run five mins, walk two mins. Repeat four times. Do three times a week.

Week 5: Run eight mins, walk two mins. Repeat three times. Do three times a week.

Week 6: Run 12 mins, walk one min. Repeat three times. Do three times a week.

Week 7: Run 15 mins, walk one min, Run fifteen mins. Do three times a week

Week 8: Run 30 mins continuously.

In the past I have always puched myself too hard and this is something that you should be very aware of. Our brains are hard wired to think that our bodies are hardier than they really are. In starting this running schedule you should be aware of your bodies limitations and healing needs. Try to stretch really well after you are warm up or after your workout and then make sure that a few hours after your workout that you slowly stretch to try and get rid of that lactic acid buildup and loosen up you recovering muscles.

I never run often myself because my knees seem to go after just a few weeks, not sure if this is caused by pushing to hard …

Florida Health Insurance: How Will Children Benefit?

Children with asthma, and other pre-existing health problems, have long been discriminated against when it comes to receiving adequate health insurance coverage. Lack of Florida health insurance among children has been well documented along with dire consequences.

That problem has been specifically addressed in health care reform. Unfortunately, confusion over changes to health care in the U.S. continue, including debate over how health insurers may treat children with pre-existing health problems like asthma.

What Does Health Care Reform Do For Children With Asthma?

As the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius may have the last word on this subject. In March of 2010, Sebelius directly addressed the issue in a letter to America’s Health Insurance Plans. After noting that the media had reported that certain insurance companies hoped to find ways around the section of the new law that specifically prohibited insurers from excluding children with pre-existing conditions from coverage, she stated the following.

According to Sebelius, “Health insurance reform is designed to prevent any child from being denied coverage because he or she has a pre-existing condition…To ensure that there is no ambiguity on this point, I am preparing to issue regulations in the weeks ahead ensuring that the term “pre-existing condition exclusion” applies to both a child’s access to a plan and to his or her benefits once he or she is in the plan. These regulations will further confirm that beginning in September, 2010: Children with pre-existing conditions may not be denied access to their parents’ health insurance plan; Insurance companies will no longer be allowed to insure a child, but exclude treatments for that child’s pre-existing condition.”

Her letter also lamented that “For too long, parents across the country have struggled as pre-existing conditions have prevented their children from accessing affordable, stable health insurance coverage. Health insurance reform eliminates this tremendous source of worry and helps ensure children have the care they need.” September 2010 marks the beginning of increased protection through health insurance in Florida for children, and those suffering with asthma may be seeing additional help in the future.

Does Smoking Contribute To Asthma?

Scientists long ago demonstrated that second-hand smoke hurt people, especially children, who suffered from asthma by increasing the incidence and severity of their asthma attacks. Following a 2006 ban on smoking in all enclosed public and work places in Scotland, researchers have now reported a decline in hospital admissions for childhood asthma.

Before the Smoking, Health and Social Care Act was passed, children were being admitted for asthma at a rate that was increasing by 5.2 percent a year. After the new law passed, investigators found that on average such admissions fell by as much as 18.2 percent every year. A decline in these admissions occurred among both preschool and school-age children. The ban even sparked an increase in voluntary reduction of smoking in Scotland homes.

What Are U.S. Researchers Saying About Smoking and Asthma?

Some researchers look forward to similar benefits here in the United States. As …