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Orange County Mac Tech

Orange County Mac Tech


I can provide a number of service for your Mac computer! I come to you, 24/7. I respond anywhere in the OC and south LA.

A few of my services include:

  • Date Recovery
  • Home & Small Business Networking
  • New System Setup
  • Formatting Partitioning and Upgrading
  • Mac Tutorials
  • Program Troubleshooting
  • Server Deployment
  • Account Management
  • Startup Issues
  • File Management
  • General Troubleshooting
  • And Much More

What ever you need done I can do! Whether you’re an individual user or have a small business. I have over 10 years of computer troubleshooting experience under my belt and can fix just about any problem. I am quick, efficient, and I make sure I get the job done right the first time. If for some reason I cannot fix your problem I charge you nothing. I also possess three Apple Certifications listed at the bottom of the page so I provide better and more knowledgeable service. Please visit my web site at for more information on prices, services, and about me.

I just entered into the mobile computer repair business and am very egar to work with you. If you or anyone you know who are having problems with their Mac, interested in learning more, or need help setting up their small business with Macs please call me at 714-600-8818. I can usually respond the same day, and will be sure to get to you if your having some sort of computer emergency.

*if you need data recovery services, ie you accidentely deleted something please do not do anything to your computer, do not save or download anything, if you do anything the chances of retreiving the information is very slim*

Call me today and hire your own Certified Macintosh Professional!

I look forward to working with you!

How to Get White Teeth With Home Remedies

How to get teeth white is one of those questions we all ask ourselves at some time.

As we age our teeth can become yellowish looking and it is not the most attractive feature. A natural white smile will make any face more attractive looking. Note that I said natural. You do not want to end up looking artificial like so many people who use the wrong teeth whitening products.

The color of your teeth is dictated in a small way by your genetics and also whether your mother was treated with certain antibiotics whilst she was pregnant. Medical professionals now know that some antibiotics can cause yellow teeth even before birth. They will avoid prescribing these antibiotics where possible unless they are the only viable treatment available.

Your diet definitely has an impact on the color of your teeth not to mention the health of your gums. If you smoke you are not only ruining your health but you are going to turn your teeth yellow or brown. If you drink a lot of coffee or sugar laden drinks, you will achieve the same effect. You can not expect a mouth full of white teeth if your diet is comprised of ready meals, sodas and sweets.

The good news is that you can limit the damage you impose on your mouth and also you can improve the appearance of your teeth with a little extra care. First make an appointment to see your dentist for a checkup. While you are there see the hygienist for a full cleanup. This will improve your looks considerably. Do not ask them to whiten your teeth as it will be expensive and may not look natural. Make it a rule to see your dentist every six months and bring your children with you. Healthy teeth begin in childhood.

Now you have had your teeth professionally cleaned, it is important that you follow a proper teeth maintenance plan. Not only do you have to brush after every meal and before you go to bed but you have to floss regularly as well. Gargle with water to flush out any remaining food so the bacteria present in your mouth have nothing to feast on. Forget about rubbing your teeth with lemon as the acid will ruin your tooth enamel. Baking soda pastes are OK if used once in a while but not every day. You will weaken your teeth leaving them susceptible to damage.

Eat a teeth whitening diet. Apples and strawberries are natural cleansers to make sure you include at least one portion in your daily diet. Cut the drinks we mentioned above but also lay off the candy and sugar laden cakes and biscuits. You want to eat a healthier diet including a wide variety of vegetables. On the topic of diets, give up any faddy ones that you are currently pursuing. The healthiest eating plan is one that allows you any food you want in moderation. You will have answered the question …

Disadvantages Of A Short Term Health Insurance Plan

Short Term Health Insurance Plan as the name suggests is for a smaller period of time. Its features too are hence considering what is possible in a shorter period of time and hence lack the exhaustive capacity of the normal health insurance plan.

Short Term Insurance is more of a last resort when one is switching jobs or has been fired, losing the health insurance provided by the employer. However this temporary arrangement seldom covers the actual medical problems and is more a safety net in case of an unforeseen accident or illness which might need big medical expenditure.

Doesn’t cover minor health problems

There are many disadvantages to a short term health insurance plan, especially compared to the standard health insurance plans. The major disadvantage is that it doesn’t cover the minor health problems like defects of vision, dental problems etc. In short the more day to day medical problems likely to occur are not covered at all by the short term insurance plan.

This is a major downside, especially if a person is considering the insurance for a period of more than a quarter. It is very hard to pass half a year without facing any minor health problems, which will then have to be paid from the person’s pocket in spite of making monthly payments for a health insurance.

Ineligibility for HIPAA Plans

Those who are going to take a short term health insurance plan should think twice about it. If they have existing medical conditions, then getting insurance might become very difficult. Such people benefit from HIPAA plans which are more expensive than the standard health insurance plan.

However, those who take a short term insurance plan become ineligible for a HIPAA plan. This is a major disadvantage and you might have to take up your case with the health advisor to find out your rights according to the Health Insurance Policies.

Renewal and Maximum Time Period

A short term health insurance plan might not always allow you to renew. Some policies allow renewal for a maximum of one or two times. Given that the plan itself is opted in the face of uncertainty this turns out to be a major disadvantage as one can never be sure of what is the time frame for which they would be out of job, especially if the break is not planned.

Standard Coverage for Prevention Not Provided

A short term health insurance quotes does not cover for the costs of preventive care or consulting a doctor. It doesn’t include such costs as immunization or even physicals and dressing etc. along with excluding vision, dental and other minor issues.

The plan, doesn’t cover for pre-existing medical problems either, including those for which one has taken diagnosis and treatment in the past 3 -5 year, unlike the case of an insurance available from the employer which can be extended under government rules.

Thus this insurance plan is only a stop gap solution and has too many disadvantages to be considered …