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Can CBD Really Help Curb Smoking and Addiction? CBD or cannabidiol has recently garnered a lot of attention as of late due to the fact that many people, including those in the field of science and medicine, claim that it comes with a wide range of medical applications. But what really makes it a very enticing prospect is that even if it is found in cannabis and hemp, it actually does not have psychoactivity effects. In the earlier days of the discovery of CBD, research was conducted and through it, it was proven that it actually can help in curbing a wide range of addiction instead of leading to one. Quite remarkably, CBD is perceived to be able to help people suffering from alcohol, smoking, and drug/substance addiction. As for smoking, there already are existing clinical trials and research that showed smokers successfully reducing their habit by forty percent after the treatment process using CBD. On the other hand, the same substance is considered as a counterbalancing act to the psychoactive effects of THC, which means it is needed for people who are smoking marijuana. Aside from curbing the effects of several kinds of addiction, CBD is also connected to affording interesting physiological benefits. For one, there are many people who can attest that taking water soluble CBD is of great help in terms of combating mental and emotional states that lead or result to anxiety, depression, stress. Also, there is convincing evidence that it has the potential of helping in the treatment of stroke, obesity, cancer, sclerosis, glaucoma, hypertension, seizures, and even Parkinson’s disease.
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Yes, you still may be a skeptic at this point, but learning more about CBD will eventually make you appreciate it.
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So what really does CBD do in your body? Theoretically speaking, taking products with CBD such as a water soluble cannabidiol variety, you are essentially doing some supplementing for the internal endocannabinoid system. This internal system is part of several different components of the human body, including the brain, connective tissue, immune cells, glands, and organs. The system is thought to be responsible for regulating physiological processes in the body, most notably pain sensation, appetite, memory, as well as mood. So basically, when someone takes CBD, he or she will feel the effects through the regulation of the body’s physiological systems such as the digestive system, nervous system, and immune system among others. And with addiction, CBD has the inside track of the body’s neurosystem. For instance, it is proven to provide extra protection for the brain against the possible damages caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol. As for smoking, CBD works by reducing the withdrawal symptoms once an individual quits smoking. There is no doubt that this treatment is revolutionary considering that smokers fail to stop simply because they can’t bear experiencing the withdrawal symptoms like irritability, insomnia, and severe anxiety.