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Endurance is the physical ability that serves to fortify the body against viruses and bacteria. Or it can be interpreted in which a person’s body to survive do intensity work or away from fatigue. Therefore, knowing how to keep the immune system is very important for everyone. By having good endurance, the body will stay healthy. But on the contrary if the immune system is not good, the body will be susceptible to the disease. On this occasion, I will give you tips on how to keep the immune system to stay healthy and fit. For loans tips, you can see at

Everyone must have longed to have a healthy body, healthy both physically and spiritually healthy. However, the immune system will usually decreased in case of extreme weather changes or a new job. The decline in the immune system will have an impact on one’s health, and someone will be susceptible to disease. In order to keep the immune system properly maintained and remain strong, it must increase the immune system in the body. One way to keep the immune system that can do that is by eating a healthy diet, adequate food nutrients and also maintain a good lifestyle.

Having a healthy body will make a person could still perform daily activities without interruption. In addition, by having a healthy body we do not have to waste time and expense to buy drugs or to go to the hospital. Here are some ways keep the immune system in order to maintain the good you can do:

  1. Keeping the mindset to keep thinking positive. In a healthy body there is peace of mind and also healthy. To get a healthy immune system, it must always think positively to any problems that occur. Be it in the family, the workplace, or in the social environment. Because actually every problem will certainly be a way out.
  2. Often Conduct. Often the day activities become one of the causes of immune deficiencies, this is because the body will feel tired after doing the activity. As for how to eliminate fatigue is to rest the body. How to keep the immune system is to get enough rest each day, for example with sufficient sleep quality also.
  3. Eat nutritious foods. Eating fibrous foods each day, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts are also a way of keeping the immune system that could be done. Fibrous foods have a function to keep the body against invading bacteria in the digestive system.
  4. Eat just enough. Eat a reasonable portion only in accordance with the needs of the body, because if you do not eat with reasonable Poris, will make the body fat. In addition it will be at risk susceptible to illnesses associated with being overweight or obese.
  5. Note the content contained in the food. Noticed existing content in foods such as calories, fat, and other harmful substances are present in food. Because if the amount of harmful substances in the body, will be one risk factor for immune deficiencies.
  6. Meet the needs vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D in the body have the function to stimulate the immune cells to kill viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D can be obtained through sun exposure in the morning hours around 6 to 9, liver, eggs, and also contained in fish. How to keep the immune system proved quite effective. So do it regularly.
  7. Diligent Sports. In addition to meeting the needs of healthy and nutritious food, is also very necessary exercise regularly in order to keep in shape. Took at least a minimum of 15 minutes each day to exercise, will help to expedite your body to stay healthy and stay fit condition.

Besides some way keep the immune system at the top, you also need to meet the needs of fluid in the body, which is at least drink 8 glasses of water every day. Thus tips on how to keep your body healthy and fit, hopefully useful.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon