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California has an array of private as well as public health insurance programs. This city has lots of profit and nonprofit health insurance organization working within its border. It also includes some of the well-known companies such as Blue Shield and Kaiser-Permanente. As a variety of insurance programs are running by various companies in the state, low income group of people or citizens who generally not able to give the premiums may get some assurance from these organizations.

Similarly, other people who don’t get health benefits from the company in which they are working might be qualified for a number of health plans run by the state.  These kinds of programs recommend either low-priced or discounted premium, otherwise free for some of the eligible applicants.  Some programs that are running by the companies usually called healthy family program, which includes economical vision, dental and health-care assurance. These types of plans are especially for those who are under the age of 18.

Healthy Families plan provides coverage for therapeutically required medical care, physician visits, prescribed medicine, birth control, mental care, addiction abuse treatment, and physical or work-related treatment. Under this plan fitness screening, routine vaccination and speech related therapy are also included. National income guidelines are usually issued in the month of April each year and eligibility will be based upon these guidelines. Each and every applicant who is applying for any kind of policy has to be a citizen or documented migrant.

There is one more insurance plan available that’s called “The access for infants & mothers”. This AIM program provides health coverage at small cost to the middle-income and pregnant women who are without insurance. All the applicants have to give only 1.5% from their whole yearly income, and rest of the coverage cost will be added by the federal government of California. Women who are eligible for this program have to reside in California and they should not be more than 30 weeks pregnant when they are applying for AIM.  They have to be uninsured at the time of application and their income should come under AIM principle.

Medi-Cal is another program run by these companies and operation of this Medi-Cal (California Medical Assistance Program) is to protect and perk up the fitness status of all citizens. According to department of Health Care Services of the state, this policy serves only for those low-income persons and families who are meeting the eligibility criteria.

This program also facilitates subsidize treatment centers, private clinics and hospitals in those areas where enough help or services especially medical services are not reaching. Eligibility criteria for this program are based on the national poverty levels. There are nearly 58 district social service organizations running in California and each of them has the capacity to manage applications in their own control.

Post Author: Lisa Sharon