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Immigration Bail Bonds: Types and Cost If you happen to know someone who has been arrested in connection to immigration issues, the first thing you want to do is get an immigration bond, the purpose of which is for that individual to be released from jail or customer up until the required appearance in court. Nonetheless, it is your job to know the fact that not everyone arrested and detained in connection to breaking immigration law can avail of the right to get immigration bonds. In the U.S. setting, it is the ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement that is responsible for carrying arrests over foreigners who happen to have immigration-related issues. The ICE likewise has authority to determine based on personal recognizance that a person can be released without the need of a bond. Nonetheless, you still need to prepare in case the immigration judge decides to require bond, which in this case the amount will be determined either by the ICE or the judge. Immigration bonds, in the most generic sense, has two distinct types. The first type is called delivery bond, the second is voluntary departure bond.
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A delivery bond is the option provided to an illegal immigrant based on an actual determination by either the ICE or from an immigration judge. But for a detainee to be eligible for release through the payment of a delivery bond, he or she must have previously received an arrest warrant as well as a notice of custody conditions from the ICE. Keep in mind that the real objective of a delivery bond is to make sure that the person will show up during the immigration hearings. Every detainee who is given this opportunity to pay the bond must avail of it so that he or she can spend time talking to his or her lawyer with respect to his or her options. Voluntary Departure Bond On the other hand, there will be some cases in which an arrested illegal immigrant is afforded the option to leave the country voluntarily. For this arrangement to succeed, the detainee will be required to pay a departure bond, which by the way will be refundable as soon as he or she successfully leaves the country. But if he or she does not leave in the specified date, the bond is forfeited. Costs The bond amount to be paid is only determined by two authorities – ICE or the immigration, and no one else. The determination is influenced by various factors such as criminal record, employment situation, immigration status, and family connection in the U.S. Lastly, there are two ways to pay for the immigration bond – surety or cash.