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You are reading this article; it means that you want to achieve bigger and leaner muscles. You are not alone, there is a big percentage of guys who strive to achieve lean muscle mass. You can get detailed information about the use of supplements by visiting

Perfect form of Exercise

When you begin an exercise make sure doing it with the proper form before you increase weight. Incorrect form of exercise will bring negative results and your whole exercise effort will go in vain. In case of any improper development of muscles by using improper form, you will regret doing the exercise. That is the reason it is imperative to correct your posture and ensure that every exercise movement you are making is as per the proper form.

Focus on Major Lifts

When you start your exercise schedule, make sure to complete all the major group exercises first. These exercises include dead lift, squats, bench press and shoulder press. After this you can opt for single muscle group exercises like bicep curl.

Repetition Range 6-10

In the beginning if you are concentrating to increase your strength and muscle size, then try to lift as much weight as you can with the proper form. Use weight with which you can complete between 6 to 10 repetitions in a single set and do at least of three sets of the same exercise. You will not increase your muscle mass if you use lighter weights and increase the repetitions to 12.

Take a Break

When you exercise your muscles are broken and they require at least 48 hours to recover. During this period of time, they will grow their size and become ready to hold the same amount of weight again by which you were exercising. That is the reason rest period is necessary to increase muscle mass fast.

Eating Before and After Every Workout

You are supposed to understand what to eat before and right after your workout. Before every workout you can opt for a fruit or a glass of water with honey, this will give you instant energy so that you can perform better at exercising.

After every training schedule, your body is in need of protein and complex carbohydrates so that it can use protein for building muscles and carbohydrate for energy. You will also get relevant information from

Follow a training program

You cannot simply walk into a gymnasium and start doing any exercise you wish to achieve bigger muscles. As for enhancing your fitness level you can opt for any strength training exercise or cardiovascular exercises, but when you are looking forward to increase your muscle mass, you are supposed to follow a training program.

There are different types of training programs, your fitness instructor will tell you, which one to opt for in accordance with your requirements.

Don’t be Afraid to Eat

A lot of people are scared of eating. They think that by eating they will increase their body fat. This is not true, you are what you eat so you have to concentrate on what you are eating. If you want to increase your muscle mass, you are supposed to eat at regular intervals. Consume 1 g of quality protein per pound of body weight for best results.


Post Author: Lisa Sharon